“Newlen Educational Service’s doors are back open for business and we are following strict COVID-19 precautions.”

Early Childhood Locations

Our educational goals focus on the student’s individual ability and our instruction aligns with school programs and the district’s curriculum. Through a uniquely designed assessment process, students are supported academically by identifying the weaknesses and reinforcing their strengths. Programs strategically identify and rebuild the skills that a student is lacking and continue to support their current academic strengths.

We participate in meetings such as PTA, IEP, and any other necessary meetings that might benefit the education of our students and parents. NES is committed to the needs of all stakeholders who play an active role in ensuring the achievement of our students. Our instructional philosophy incorporates the three dominant learning styles: auditory, visual, and tactile

Auditory learners are students who learn best by applying listening skills.

Visual learners are students who learn by using visual senses.

Tactile-kinesthetic learners are those students who learn mostly by active participation, hands-on experience, and by actually performing the tasks.

Home based instructional support


GED Preparation

Compensatory Education

Cognitive Testing

In school one-on-one instruction

Preparation for state testing e.g. HSA, DC CAS

Instructional daily living skills

Speech Therapy

Home Schooling



Lindamood Bell Reading

Individualized Instruction

Translational Services

Occupational Therapy

Prepare students for job opportunities

Horseback Riding




Standardized Test Preparation
Learning Disabilities
Study Skills
Kindergarten Readiness
Summer Tutoring
Speech Therapy
Home Schooling